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Our Partners

The Dilenschneider Group

The Dilenschneider Group is the associate partner of IPRP in the US. The group provide to a limited and select few access to the finest communications professionals in the world, with experience in fields ranging from mergers and acquisitions and crisis communications to marketing, government affairs and international media. Our objectives are to bring our clients a level of communications counsel, creativity and an exposure to networks and contacts not available elsewhere.

Zamadur International STI Ltd

London-based consultancy with a focused on Europe and Russia capable of delivering a premier service in the fields of investment, book publishing and film production. Zamadur own the popular news and current affairs website, featuring editorials and articles from UK’s leading authors, journalists and experts.

Our Affiliates


CitySavvy is a financial and corporate communications agency with a team of highly experienced strategists advising some of Europe's largest companies. We work in an integrated way – across borders and across service areas – to provide you with the full range of communications services in Continental Europe and in the UK. We focus on complex sectors such as financial services, energy, property and life sciences. Our consultants come from many backgrounds including financial journalism, banking, private equity and industry, giving us the ability to understand our clients and provide meaningful advice.

Charles Lucas Associates

Charles Lucas Associates Ltd is a London based specialist consultancy that provides operational and advisory support to governments, international organisations, corporations and private individuals to help deal with modern security and reputational threats. CLA can call upon expert personnel with backgrounds in government, law enforcement, the military, security and emergency services, academia, business, journalism and PR. All have extensive experience delivering discreet and professional services around the world, in particular the UK, US, Western and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and the CIS, the Middle and Far East and Africa.

Zomex Overseas Limited

Founded in 1999, Zomex is an independent consulting and corporate advisory firm focused on the Emerging markets. Specialist areas include markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, CIS States, United States and Latin America. Headquartered in London, the firm consists of an association of companies providing a wide range of strategic consulting and general corporate advisory services. Our global reach and contacts provide clients with in depth knowledge and experience, with skills which span the initiation of ideas, insights and solutions all the way through to detailed implementation.