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Our Capabilities

International Public Relations Partners, or IPRP as it is better known, is a PR boutique based in London's Covent Garden. It forms the hub of a worldwide network of partners, associates and companies who are able to deliver a quality service at a moment's notice.

IPRP was founded by Terence Franklin, one of the industry stalwarts, who has the distinction of having worked for many of the largest companies in the world, as well as the US and other governments in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In today's fast-changing world, IPRP is at the cutting edge of the industry, providing strategic thinking and programme implementation for national and multinational companies. Over the years, IPRP has had the distinction of providing communications solutions for a variety of businesses, industries and governments in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and CIS.

PR might not be rocket science but it is an essential and integral part of the business process and if you are reviewing your current PR requirements, why not give us a call?


Media Relations

We employ a talented team of journalists from national and regional newspapers, magazines and television.

We can handle a year-long media relations programme for you; provide external and internal communications, or write your house journal or newsletter.

We can, in times of crises, be at your side to provide counsel and advice on the most difficult situations.

And, if you have been doing things the same way over time, we can undertake a communications audit for you.


Corporate Management

Life at the top can be difficult.

CEOs and Chairman are often lonely souls. Who can they turn to in their hour of need?

We have a team of outstanding counselors who have all held senior positions in industry and government and who are there to listen and understand your problems without paying heed to what the corporation and shareholders might think. A fresh opinion from an outside perspective could be the best friend you've ever had.


Crisis Intervention

From time-to-time, sometimes knowingly but often unexpectedly a crisis can emerge from nowhere. How do you respond? What do you do? And how can you put out the "fire".

Here at IPRP we have a long history in dealing with crises. From minor to major but both equally important.

We have advised governments and businesses across the board. We have counseled pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, airlines, and countless other businesses where communications advice can be critical.


Investor Communication

IPRP maintains close links with several leading City PR firms and work alongside them on all aspects of finance and investment, including maintaining relationships with City media, AIM listings, placings and other fund-raising initiatives.


Government Relations

IPRP can develop a strategically tailored programme to help define government policy positions and legislation that advance corporate interests; establish and improve relations with government officials at local and national level; and help create a more favourable policy environment for a clients’ varying range of needs.


Specialist Services

A side from those mentioned above, IPRP can offer a number of other specialist services including Media Consultancy, Investment Consultancy, Security and Counter-Terrorism and Legal Counsel.

Our Mission

- Media Relations
- Corporate Management
- Crisis Intervention
- Investor Communication
- Government Relations
- Specialist Services